Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wizard World Chicago

August 10th-12th

After waiting a year, or I guess my whole life to go to a convention, finally it came back around! And the Comic Book Queers did it up right. First off we had listeners come in from all over the states to hang out for the weekend. Charles from LA, Eric from Minneapolis, Ray from Boston and Tracie from Nebraska. They were all a blast to hang out with and I kind of wish they were still here.

It was huge and so much fun! I got to meet people I've loved forever especially David Mack who I almost chickened out going up to. The guys who do Return to Wonderland were awesome and laid back. Everyone had such great art, I wanted it all but had to be choosey with my purchases. Plus, there were so many great picture opportunities!

I had so much fun on Sunday going thru the cheap boxes to complete some of my collections - I wasn't 100% successful but I'm a lot closer than I was and for not that much money!! Val was a great partner as she lugged around the very large PlayStation bag they handed out for free with all my comics adding up in it.

But all in all I have to say that my favorite part was hanging out with my friends that I finally got to meet thru our podcast. It was amazing to see them in person and I love each one of them! I can't wait for next year where we'll have a bigger and more 'fabulous' crowd. They came to the CBQ Tower to record an episode with us on the last night and it was hilarity! And kind of sad when I looked around and realized that the weekend was almost over and eveeyone would be getting onto their respective planes to different destinations.

I'm counting down to next year and Val and I are actually looking into going to NY Comic Con or perhaps San Diego. Which I know most CBQers will be attending!! So hope to see you then if not sooner!! Thanks for a fantastic first Con for me!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venetian Nights

July 28th, 2007

Something we were dying to go to last year was a long Chicago tradition called 'Venetian Nights'. It's where there's a parade of ships on the shoreline of Lake Michigan all decked out in lights and colors at night. Last year, it was waaay too hot but this year it was perfect sitting outside weather. We soon learned that our one hour earliness to the event was no where near enough and had to hunt for a spot for just the two of us. But when we say down it was a great Chi-town evening!

The sun was setting and the moon was already risen and it was gorgeous over all the docked sailboats on the lake. The jets flew over heard during the National Anthem and they did a practice save from a helicopter to entertain the crowds. We were at the far end of the parade so we heard the commentary first and then saw the boat about 5 behind it. But it was fine. We made a temporary friend, who reminded me scarily of my art history professor. She was a hoot and thankful for someone to talk to since her mean friends abandoned her.

The theme of the parade was something to do with what Chicago's proud of meaning our sports teams, our skyline, the music etc etc was cute but considering 100 years ago it was 300 boats and now 30 didn't seem like too much - plus we had an obscured view.

The end of the show was worth it. A fantastic fireworks show right in front of us over the lake. It was amazing. It was also amazing to think that this city does this every Saturday and Wednesday nights! (during the tourist times at least) All in all it was another great experience here in Chicago. Next year, depending on the heat, we'll do it up right complete with picnic and our own space mapped out ahead of time!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 21st, 2007

It is a very sad day but also a happy one. The last book of the Harry Potter series is now here and it is DONE. Yes, I've read it but not in the record time that everyone thought that I would. I wanted it to last and savour every moment of this book that has entertained me for years now. I'm glad I got to expereince the hype of this series becuase from now on no one else will ever have the same experience. The book ends perfectly and that's all I'll say about that.

So that Friday Val, Javonna, Rita and I all went to Oak Park (very cute little shopping area I can't wait to explore under less crowded circumstances.

Oak Park turned their businesses into places form the books such as Knockturn Alley, the Weasley's Whizzes, Gringott's etc...SO cute but very much for kids!

So since this was so kid oriented Val and I hopped back onto the train for home. I had abandoned the idea of a midnight party for the book...that was until I got home and starting thinking about it. With Val asleep on the couch (too much HP partying already) I snuck off down the street to Border's and got my wristband for my place in line. When I came home, she was up and coming with me...I just couldn't miss the last book release having been a person who had gone to everyone since the Goblet of Fire.

So we got dresses to go. Val put on a scar tattoo that Scholastic sent to my work as a promotion and me in a shirt that I don't think I have ever worn out. I got it for free for buying the Goblet of Fire DVD at Hasting's. (which I later returned sans t-shirt b/c Hasting's was TOO expensive!) And then off we went back down to Border's on Clark Street. I felt so good about this too rather than getting the book from a place I didn't know I was getting it from the bookstore I go to all the time, like the people, and because of this neighborhood, there were NO CHILDREN which ROCKED!!

In the end I was happy with my decision to go get my Deathly Hallows book instead of waiting for the next morning. As I told Val, "when is the next time I'm ever going to wait in line for hours for a book?" I'm sad it's over but happy it didn't drag on forever!!

Holy Movie Making Batman!!

We live in Gotham City...literally! They filmed a lot of Batman Begins here and now The Dark Knight filming is going on with Batman sightings everywhere. Val has the pleasure on her way to work to pass by one of the many filming sites downtown and has been getting into the habit of taking the camera with her to catch this. It's an old, closed down post office that apparently is being used as the Gotham Police Station. Here's what she's captured so far:

There have been street closures and reports of friends of friends seeing firetrucks being blown up while they stay late at work. It's SO neat to see this going on!!

Comic Book Queers

In case anyone hasn't heard yet, I've been participating in a weekly podcast called Comic Book Queers. Basically a LGBT comic luver's podcast. It's been a blast and we've developed a bit of a fan base. And if you haven't already check us out at . So on this particular day a listener of ours from Jersey, Dave took a detour on his business trip to come meet us.

Val's doesn't record, she just puts up with me and is an honorary Queerkateer! We record in CBQ Tower at Steve's apartment. The other two are Brett and Eric (Steve's the tall one, Erics the bald one, and Brett's just Brett!)

And when we're not recording we're goofing off on the roof - Steve's apartment has one of the best views of the city. He lives on the 7th floor of his complex and is the only one on that floor, therefore the roof is all his and his roomies!!

The whole experience with the Comic Book Queers has been wonderful and something I would have NEVER seen myself doing!! We've met great people, with the promise of more to come. It's been a fabulous ride!!


So to start, this summer we experienced things that we couldn't the first summer we were here. Remember: when we moved here there were 110* temps and no going out and NO A/C yet in the apartment. So we've been trying to hit the things to do this year. One neat thing was going to Ravinia. Ravinia is basically a town that is made for having concerts all year round. Check it out here . Val and I didn't know what to expect. We went with her coworker Diana and had tickets for k.d. lang and Lyle Lovett. You'd think weird combo huh?

We started doubting this whole ordeal when we heard we wouldn't be able to see the stage and we'd just be listening to speakers on the lawn. For those people in the Texas area, I was picturing the Woodlands Pavilion with a drape behind it and then us cheap folks sitting on the grass. Boy was I wrong.

Ravinia is GORGEOUS!! And everyone goes all out. They have short legged tables with their candles and wine and cheese. I've never seen so many people with picnic baskets all in one place. We were tacky rolling up with a cooler of beer and crackers. I felt 'under dressed' if you will... anyways, we didn't take many pictures but this is somewhat the layout of it:

And then the show was interesting to listen to a show and not watch it but in this setting it was great!! k.d. lang's soulfoul voice made it wonderful and wow can she belt it out. Lyle Lovett was surprisingly enjoyable. We were just dissapointed Ms. Lang only got 45 minutes and was opening for him...what?! How dare they?! And we weren't allowed to take pictures for whatever reason...but we snuck a few with the zoom!!
It was a great event and we're definitley doing that again. The park is also right next door to the Botanical Gardens which I've been dying to get to, so we're thinking of a weekend there! And so easy to get to! I had no idea. So for having extremely low expectations for this it was a wonderful surpise!

The Beginning

So, I've been trying to find something that wold make it easy for everyone to know what was going on with us and our new life in Chicago. Well after following a couple other people on blogspot I figured this is exactly what I wanted - keeping up with the webpage was too much with too many ads unless I paid for it.

So I'm going to back track thru our pictures a bit and see how this thingy works!! So enjoy Val and Lindsay's adventures in Chicago! And wherever else life my drag us to!