Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venetian Nights

July 28th, 2007

Something we were dying to go to last year was a long Chicago tradition called 'Venetian Nights'. It's where there's a parade of ships on the shoreline of Lake Michigan all decked out in lights and colors at night. Last year, it was waaay too hot but this year it was perfect sitting outside weather. We soon learned that our one hour earliness to the event was no where near enough and had to hunt for a spot for just the two of us. But when we say down it was a great Chi-town evening!

The sun was setting and the moon was already risen and it was gorgeous over all the docked sailboats on the lake. The jets flew over heard during the National Anthem and they did a practice save from a helicopter to entertain the crowds. We were at the far end of the parade so we heard the commentary first and then saw the boat about 5 behind it. But it was fine. We made a temporary friend, who reminded me scarily of my art history professor. She was a hoot and thankful for someone to talk to since her mean friends abandoned her.

The theme of the parade was something to do with what Chicago's proud of meaning our sports teams, our skyline, the music etc etc was cute but considering 100 years ago it was 300 boats and now 30 didn't seem like too much - plus we had an obscured view.

The end of the show was worth it. A fantastic fireworks show right in front of us over the lake. It was amazing. It was also amazing to think that this city does this every Saturday and Wednesday nights! (during the tourist times at least) All in all it was another great experience here in Chicago. Next year, depending on the heat, we'll do it up right complete with picnic and our own space mapped out ahead of time!!

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