Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 21st, 2007

It is a very sad day but also a happy one. The last book of the Harry Potter series is now here and it is DONE. Yes, I've read it but not in the record time that everyone thought that I would. I wanted it to last and savour every moment of this book that has entertained me for years now. I'm glad I got to expereince the hype of this series becuase from now on no one else will ever have the same experience. The book ends perfectly and that's all I'll say about that.

So that Friday Val, Javonna, Rita and I all went to Oak Park (very cute little shopping area I can't wait to explore under less crowded circumstances.

Oak Park turned their businesses into places form the books such as Knockturn Alley, the Weasley's Whizzes, Gringott's etc...SO cute but very much for kids!

So since this was so kid oriented Val and I hopped back onto the train for home. I had abandoned the idea of a midnight party for the book...that was until I got home and starting thinking about it. With Val asleep on the couch (too much HP partying already) I snuck off down the street to Border's and got my wristband for my place in line. When I came home, she was up and coming with me...I just couldn't miss the last book release having been a person who had gone to everyone since the Goblet of Fire.

So we got dresses to go. Val put on a scar tattoo that Scholastic sent to my work as a promotion and me in a shirt that I don't think I have ever worn out. I got it for free for buying the Goblet of Fire DVD at Hasting's. (which I later returned sans t-shirt b/c Hasting's was TOO expensive!) And then off we went back down to Border's on Clark Street. I felt so good about this too rather than getting the book from a place I didn't know I was getting it from the bookstore I go to all the time, like the people, and because of this neighborhood, there were NO CHILDREN which ROCKED!!

In the end I was happy with my decision to go get my Deathly Hallows book instead of waiting for the next morning. As I told Val, "when is the next time I'm ever going to wait in line for hours for a book?" I'm sad it's over but happy it didn't drag on forever!!

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