Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wizard World Chicago

August 10th-12th

After waiting a year, or I guess my whole life to go to a convention, finally it came back around! And the Comic Book Queers did it up right. First off we had listeners come in from all over the states to hang out for the weekend. Charles from LA, Eric from Minneapolis, Ray from Boston and Tracie from Nebraska. They were all a blast to hang out with and I kind of wish they were still here.

It was huge and so much fun! I got to meet people I've loved forever especially David Mack who I almost chickened out going up to. The guys who do Return to Wonderland were awesome and laid back. Everyone had such great art, I wanted it all but had to be choosey with my purchases. Plus, there were so many great picture opportunities!

I had so much fun on Sunday going thru the cheap boxes to complete some of my collections - I wasn't 100% successful but I'm a lot closer than I was and for not that much money!! Val was a great partner as she lugged around the very large PlayStation bag they handed out for free with all my comics adding up in it.

But all in all I have to say that my favorite part was hanging out with my friends that I finally got to meet thru our podcast. It was amazing to see them in person and I love each one of them! I can't wait for next year where we'll have a bigger and more 'fabulous' crowd. They came to the CBQ Tower to record an episode with us on the last night and it was hilarity! And kind of sad when I looked around and realized that the weekend was almost over and eveeyone would be getting onto their respective planes to different destinations.

I'm counting down to next year and Val and I are actually looking into going to NY Comic Con or perhaps San Diego. Which I know most CBQers will be attending!! So hope to see you then if not sooner!! Thanks for a fantastic first Con for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay & Val!
I've been reading your blog - since you tipped me off about it on Eric's and mine - and have enjoyed it a lot! KD Lang is one of my fav's; glad to hear that you like her too. Eric said a lot of nice things about you, I'm glad I got to see who you are.
Take care and keep up the blog...I'll be reading!

The Other Eric's Partner - Joe

Anonymous said...

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